♫ Who To Hear ♫: Lea Michele's "On My Way"- Best Song of 2014 (So Far)

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 In “On My Way” every crevice and noise in Lea Michele’s voice goes hand-in-hand with the production. There has not been a song this year that fits with its production even close as well as this one. The rawness of her voice in the song builds as the beat builds up.How could she achieve this musical level of perfection? CLICK THE LINK ABOVE TO FIND OUT

Trouble (Acoustic Version) [Live At Cherrytree House] ()

♫ Who To Hear ♫: Is singer Aubrey O'Day Pregnant? Cryptic Instagram Caption Has Us Thinking YES

2014 Music may be affected if DK cannot comeback this year !! This is not intended for gossip but to inform of a possible delay in the DK comeback, which would dramatically affect the music industry in 2014. 

Aubrey O’Day’s cryptic instagram caption has us wondering: is she pregnant? If yes, will this delay Danity Kane’s awaited comeback?  Read the caption and Vote on whether you believe she is or not. 

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"Don't Say Goodnight" To Hot Chelle Rae- Why the Band Will Have Mainstream Success in 2014
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For the Rest Of My Life (feat. Tamar Braxton)

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Pauvre Coeur by Jillette Johnson

painfully heart-wrenching.


If I recall it was a Friday
Gentle hum before the war
You were high and watching poker
And I had just walked in the door
You started screaming at the TV
Saying, make a play you filthy whore
And I was trying to make you see me
Like the way you did before

So I took off my clothes and I opened a bottle
And told you I’d do whatever you wanted
Naked on the floor, crying I’m too beautiful

Oh my poor, poor, pauvre coeur
Beats no more

Dare I say I was enamored
By the stories of your pain
You were darkened in the wild fight
And I was tangled in your mane
But God forbid you would get angry
I had to dive out of the way
You’d be gunning for me blindly
And there was nothing I could say

But I love you, don’t do this, is it it really worth it
That’s not very Buddhist and I don’t deserve it
I’m naked on the floor, crying I’m too beautiful

Oh my poor, poor, pauvre coeur
Beats no more
Poor, pauvre coeur
Beats no more

Making me nauseous, open elevator
I’m stuck in the middle, there’s nobody out there
To pull me off my sword
I am far too beautiful
To be yours

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